Poppy green band coffin

Skilled willow weavers create our beautiful and environmentally friendly willow coffins. We also create ashes caskets to match your chosen willow coffin.

Into every one of our coffins, we put great care, attention to detail and love. Either Mel or Sarah sensitively makes each of our coffins.

We use sustainable materials in each of our wicker coffins. This then makes them suitable for burial, cremation and green burial sites.

Family members are welcome to visit us by prior arrangement. They can actively participate in weaving their chosen willow coffin and also add personal details, if desired.

Melanie Bastier and Sarah Hatton own Lily Willow Coffins in partnership. We both strongly believe in providing high quality, environmentally friendly sustainable willow coffins. All our coffins are made in Wales using willow grown in the UK.

Between them, Mel and Sarah have over 25 years of willow weaving experience and they personally make all aspects of the willow coffin from the weaving to the sewing.

Your questions answered

Are willow coffins suitable for cremation?

Yes. We use sustainable materials for all of our coffins, therefore they are suitable for burial, green burial and cremation.

Are the wicker coffins lined?

Yes, we hand sew our made to measure unbleached calico liner into the base and lid of coffins as standard. We also offer a premium lining as an optional extra. This includes a calico liner with frill, a cotton mattress and pillow both filled using natural hay.

Can we help weave the willow coffin?

Family members are welcome to join us to assist in weaving the willow coffin. You are also welcome to personalise the coffin by adding items that have special meaning during the weaving process.

Can we have a willow coffin if our loved one passed away with the coronavirus or covid-19?

We have read all the government guidelines and have spoken to the National Association of Funeral Directors. We can find no reason why you can’t have a willow coffin. Our coffins are fully lined, including the lid, to seal the inside of the coffin. However, a family got in contact with us whose funeral director had refused a willow coffin. Before you commit please make sure your funeral director will follow your wishes.

Are willow coffins expensive?

Our price list is available for everyone to see as we wish to be open with our prices. We feel that our prices reflect the high quality coffins that we produce.
You can purchase the wicker coffin directly through us, which we can deliver to you, or your chosen funeral director.

How do I order a coffin?

If you have any questions regarding your order please get in touch. Once you are happy to proceed please download an order form, fill in the form and email it to info@lilywillowcoffins.co.uk. We will then email you an order confirmation form with all the details.
If you have any questions please email us on info@lilywillowcoffins.co.uk or ring Mel on 07764 961095 or Sarah on 07881 613287.

How fast is delivery?

We currently make all our willow coffins and ashes caskets to order and deliver within 6 days. We take 10 days to deliver our Rose range of willow coffins as they take a little longer to paint.