Mel and Sarah sculpture

Melanie Bastier and Sarah Hatton own Lily Willow Coffins in partnership.

Melanie Bastier is a highly accomplished willow weaver. Already a skilled graphic designer, she started willow weaving in 2006 and helped develop the successful business Out to Learn Willow. She has worked with countless schools in the South Wales area running workshops and building structures. She has been involved in numerous outstanding projects including the Coronation arches lining the Long Walk to Windsor Castle.

Sarah Hatton was an IT Manager when she met Mel at a workshop at the RHS Show in Cardiff. Her love of willow weaving grew and she founded her own business, Hatton Willow, in 2012. Sarah was very proud to provide the gift hamper baskets for the World Leaders attending the Nato Summit. She has also appeared on The Repair Shop fixing a baby weighing scales and a baby crib.


Mel Bastier on Coronation arch Sarah Hatton weaving NATO basket

Between them, Mel and Sarah have over 25 years of willow weaving experience. This means the willow coffins they produce have countless hours of tried and tested willow weaving experience behind them. They are dedicated and passionate about the heritage craft of willow weaving and provide high quality, environmentally friendly sustainable willow coffins made in Wales.

Mel or Sarah will personally make all aspects of the willow coffin from the weaving to the sewing. This means we can guarantee the quality and finish of the willow coffin every time.