The Daisy range of willow coffins are created with buff willow as the main part of the coffin, a white willow band detail and rope handles.

Also available in all one colour.

Daisy buff with white band
Daisy buff willow coffin

The Poppy range of willow coffins are created with buff willow as the main part of the coffin, rope handles and we offer a colour selection of willow band detail, shown below.

Five colours are available blue, green, pink, purple and red.

Poppy red band willow coffin
Poppy purple band willow coffin

The Daffodil range of willow coffins are created using brown willow as the main part of the coffin, which is available in a choice of two willow colours, dicky meadows and flanders red.

Please note these coffins take a little more time to make as material preparation is longer.

Daffodil willow coffins

A bespoke willow coffin with a hand painted wooden top.

Four designs available, Daffodils, Poppies, Lilies or Autumn Leaves.

Can also be customised. Choice of colour band detail and rope handles.

Rose poppy flower willow coffin

Our wicker coffins have a choice of fixings: ties, bows, a willow stick or toggles.

Coffin bows    

In addition optional nameplates and matching coloured crosses are also available on request.

Standard lining
All our willow coffins are fully lined with unbleached calico as standard

Premium lining
Our optional premium lining includes a calico coffin liner with a calico frill, hand-sewn into our coffin, with a natural cotton mattress and pillow filled using natural hay.

Premium lining

Our beautiful handcrafted oval willow ashes caskets co-ordinate with your chosen willow coffin.

Each ashes casket comes fitted with an interior calico drawstring ashes bag.

Willow ashes casket Drawstring ashes bag

If you’d like to order one of our willow coffins click on the link to download an order form.

Please contact us if you have any questions or specific requirements on either 07764 961095 or 07881 613287 or email info@lilywillowcoffins.co.uk